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Assignment Questions

Controversial Thesis on World Poverty

Minimum length: 750 words

Topic: Argument

Paper 1 is an argumentative response to Peter Singer?s ?The Singer Solution to WorldPoverty?. I want your thesis to be a response to Singer?s thesis: whether you agree or disagree with him is entirely up to you. Make sure your thesis is clearly stated, and is at least to some degree controversial. (By that, I mean it should be possible for your reader to disagree with, and not simply a statement of fact.) It might also be a good idea to include a because clause, although it is not required. Good general advice for argumentative essays is to start off with a strong thesis, and then spend the bulk of your paper defending said thesis. You can include appeals to pathos, ethos, and logos at your discretion, but I would say that in responding to a writer like Singer, you definitely will want to use large helpings of logos, since this is his main argumentative vehicle. One note of caution: Singer?s is the sort of essay which must be read very closely and carefully, and one thing he is very good at is anticipating objections. If, for example, you want to argue that Singer?s solution doesn?t take into account human nature, that?s fine, but in so doing you will also need to deal with the fact that he gives a detailed response to this very objection. Please also quote from Singer?s article to illustrate your argument.

(I am 41, full-time working single mom of 2 teenage boys going back to get my college degree. I don’t have the faintest idea about writing essays anymore! I downloaded my “Rough Draft” that I turned in and my professors response was…..”[This is in massive need of revision. The most glaring problem is that this is presented as one big paragraph. You need to break this up into paragraphs. In your first paragraph, you need to be telling me who Singer is, the title of his essay, his thesis, and whether you agree with it (and why). You really don?t need to do so much summarizing Present Singer?s argument and then respond. 12/20]”!!!!!!!!
Can you help me by performing major surgery! Lol! I really do appreciate any help you can provide.

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