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Assignment Questions

Critical Examination of the Ethical Theory

A paper of 5 pages in lenght that presents a detailed exiguous and critical examination of the ethical theory, using philosophical and literary resources.
Assessment of the paper will be based on the comprehension of the theory, text or issue, the depth of the critical engagement and the argumentative structure of the paper.

Please use Pojman’s The Moral Life as a source. There is a chapter about Virtue Ethicswith fragments from Victor Hugo / The Bishop and the Candlestics, Aristotle / VirtueEthics, Bernard Mayo / Virtue and the Moral Life, Nathaniel Hawthorne / The Great Stone Face, William Frankena / A Critique of Virtue-Based Ethical System. These are the sources I would prefer to be used as a work cited. However, you can use any sources involving virtue ethics. Please use at least one source that criticises the theory.
Thank You

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