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Assignment Questions

Critically explore marketing strategies related to your views on World Music

Read (or re-read) David Byrne’s essay “Crossing Music’s Borders: I Hate World Music” (from The New York Times, October 3, 1999).

Choose some aspect or aspects of Byrne’s ideas as the basis to explore critically your own views on “World Music”. You must illustrate your ideas with reference to some form of marketing that you have encountered on the internet, in record stores, in movies, on television or radio – in fact, anywhere we encounter music in everyday life. Aside from references to Byrne’s essay you must also include at least one reference to each of Jeff Titon’s and Bruno Nettl’s introductory chapters to the books Worlds of Music and Excursions in World Music. You may use additional resources too, if you so wish. Although something of an opinion piece, you will nonetheless be more persuasive if you have a strong command of your information. Append a bibliography and ensure you cite properly any web resources you explore or consult.

I am often asked if you can use the first person in your writing. You may indeed use the first person if you wish. This is merely a matter of perspective, and if done well and sparingly it should not interfere with the objectivity of your work. The degree to which you may express subjective opinions in this essay depends on how you integrate those opinions, likes, and dislikes into the paper. It does not help me to know that you like or dislike something, but if you can offer an explanation that penetrates to the heart of the issue of your perspective on “world music”, you will have done a good job. When you do provide your own opinions, ensure you argue cogently and back them up with solid evidence.

I am also often asked if it will be okay to discuss this CD or that film, this TV show or advertisement or that radio program, etc. etc. Please know that what you choose to write about is purely your choice, not mine.

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