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Assignment Questions

Critique of the Creative Process at Verizon Wireless

The textbook discusses criteria or guidelines that can be used for evaluating the output from the creative process of advertising. Some of these concern factors that are not directly accessible and thus more difficult to evaluate, such as consistency with marketing and advertising objectives. However, answers to many of these questions are judgmental in nature and can be evaluated such as appropriateness for the target audience, communication of a clear and convincing message, whether the creative overwhelms the message, appropriateness for the media environment, and whether the ads are truthful and tasteful.

Choose a particular campaign, conduct some research on it in the business press or trade publications, and then evaluate the creative approach as well as some of the individual ads against these guidelines. Excellent sources of information that can be helpful in this assignment are the ad reviews that appear in publications such as Advertising Age, AdWeek, and BrandWeek.

Guidelines for evaluating creative output:
1. Is the creative approach consistent with the brand’s marketing and advertising objectives?
2. Is the creative approach consistent with the creative strategy and objectives? Does it communicate what it is supposed to communicate?
3. Is the creative approach appropriate for the target audience?
4. Does the creative approach communicate a clear and convincing message to the customer?
5. Does the creative execution keep from overwhelming the message?
6. Is the creative approach appropriate for the media environment in which it is likely to be seen?
7. Is the ad truthful and tasteful?

Campaign to be evaluated: Verizon Wireless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-prMb6BdNs

There are other ads that are out to advertise the Verizon Wireless phones, choose as many as you like.

Length: 3 pages with resources and bibliography. APA format.

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