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Assignment Questions

Crucial Environmental Concerns

select a current event of global significance and using at least four sources beside the text, write a seven- to eight-page paper analyzing its possible historical origins as well as speculating possible course of future developments.

Subject and proposal for paper:

Environmental problems occur when we use more natural resources than our planet is able to renew. All people consume natural resources such as land and water to live. In1900, the beginning of the 20th century, the world population was 1,650,000. In July, 2007, the world‘s population had reached over 6.6 billion.

I have noticed how, just over the past two years, general attitudes towards the inter-related topics of energy and the environment have changed. Policy issues such as renewable energy subsidies, fuel economy standards and carbon credits are not only taught in school but are even brought up between friends in social settings like bars and restaurants with many students having strong, well-informed opinions about the need for change. Energy and environmental issues involve long-term consequences if immediate action is not taken, and the most recent mantra to be green appears to have prompted the world to move away from complacency and inaction to action.

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