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Assignment Questions

Definition of the Harris-Todaro Migration Model Theory

Define the Harris-Todaro Model of migration theory (in your own words) and how the model is highly applicable to many developing nations (specific examples are encouraged).

Additionally define compact development for a sustainable city. Please cite specific examples from Curitiba, Brazil (additional examples are encouraged).

Please answer the following question in essay format.Personal opinion is also encouraged. Your answer must be typed and double-spaced using times new roman 12pt font, and must be a minimum of 3 pages long. You are required to use a minimum of 2 references (which may consist of our class text, published articles, films, or web-based sources; Wikipedia will not be counted as a valid reference). You must additionally provide a reference page and use in-text citations where applicable.

* Please make sure that each paragraph discuss a different idea.

This paper is the deciding factor of my grade, please make sure that this paper is well written/ excellent.
thank you..

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