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Detailed Information on Utopia

My teacher will ask for the thesis paragraph to be discussed in class. Please make the thesis paragraph clear.
She said that we can not include too much quotation in this essay (only 4-5).
The book used to write this essay is Thomas More’s Utopia (1516). I will provide the link to access the pdf of this book.

Here is the instruction from my teacher:
For this essay, you will focus on Thomas More’s Utopia. Prepare for your essay by making a list of the defining attributes and practices (topographical, geographical, social, and cultural) of the people and place of the island of Utopia, as presented by More via Hythloday.
Next, note the opposing quality of the “real world” of 16th century England (Europe, etc.) that each of these attributes stands in contrast to, e.g.: “Utopia : communal :: England : private property increased via recent trends toward land enclosure.”
Now add one more layer: how does your own community match up? Add a column for your own contemporary community. So, now you’ll have, e.g. “Utopia : communal :: England : private property increased via recent trends toward land enclosure :: My Sphere : virtually all property is private, and the divide between those who have the most possessions and those who have the least seems to be widening.”
For your fourth step, select ONE of these contrasting sets to focus on by asking yourself the following: Which of the differences between Utopia and conventional society (in England and today) strikes you as the most controversial? Which do you think is the most important? Focus on this set in your essay; aim to answer the question: What is the most significant social critique leveled by Thomas More’s Utopia?

Thank you.
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