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Did War Become More Frequent and More Severe as State Developed?

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Note: for the purposes of this essay, civilisations and states are to be taken as the same thing. Non state societies can be taken literally as societies in regions that later saw states devet elop or expand into, or more recent non-state societies that existed in much of the world until recently(and still do in odd places).
You are not being asked to write everything you know or have read about war, non-state or state. You are being asked a specific question-did war become more frequent and more seveer as state developed? What do these terms mean? On the surface,of course warbecame more seveer, as, given the exaggerations of the historical records, (usually written by victors) thousands of people were killed in single battles and whole cities sometimes obliterated. Hoever, the answer isn’t as simple as that. You should consider the sources and their reliability. They include wrtten historical records,archeological data(what sorts of war and conflict), and anthropological observations of modern pre state societies. Confine you evidence to societies such as the hittites, moche, mayans, egyptians,assyrians and the romans for ex. No discussion of world war 1 or two needed.
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The paper has to be 2000 words, in Harvard Referncing style. 10 sources plus the material previously given is to be used.

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