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Assignment Questions

Different Approaches to Visual Communication

The logo I have created is from a fictional company named: Plus to the Square (+2). This company is a producer of biodegradable disposable dishware, and its most innovating advance is that each product they create contains inside their materials the seeds of plants (trees, vegetables, flowers, and many others) in order to reforest and generate more oxygen in nature? besides of reintegration in a very short-term into the environment.

THE FINAL PROJECT: Communicate 1 complex idea, using 3 different aproaches to visual communication. Examples to include

Information graphics, Symbols and signs, Shapes and colors, Images and groups of images, Charts and graphs, Typograhy, Cartoons and illustrations

In addition to the visuals, write a two to three page paper reflecting on why each approach is effective in communicating your message, and which of your approaches you feel would be most effective. Explain your reflective responses. Your visuals must clearly and effectively communicate the message and reflect the application of material covered in this course. Your Final Project must provide a clear and rational analysis of the effectiveness of each visual in communicating the message.

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