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Assignment Questions

Discuss the Management at Xm Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio

The paper must be double spaced with a 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman or Arial). Use APA style guidelines. At least 3 sources must be used–the company’s website and Wikipedia cannot be used as references. The company’s quarterly or annual filings with the SEC (10-Q and 10-K, respectively) must be used as one reference.

In writing the paper, you are a member of the management team writing a critical assessment for senior management. Therefore, lengthy historical descriptions of the company and academic filler (e.g., detailed discussion of Michael Porter’s Competitive Framework) are neither needed nor wanted.
In today’s business world of harsh competition and pricing battles to win market share we often see two companies, both with a viable product, battle it out for the all too precious market share. XM Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio are two such companies on the corporate battlefield. I will be comparing the companies, their products, pricing and how they market in the face of competition.





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