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Assignment Questions

Discuss the Matters of Workplace Privacy

Write an essay discussing the issue of workplace privacy. To what extent should management have control of what you do on the job (for example, monitor emails and internet) and to what extent should they have a say in what you do outside the workplace (for example,, political affiliations, drinking etc)

Critical engagement with the views you present is required. Evaluate the views to some extent. Do not make the essay merely a report on what is said in the text (or elsewhere). Wikipedia will not be accepted as an academic resource for any work submitted in fulfillment of class assignments.

You are not to write a report. Instead you are to argue for a particular position. That is what philosophers do. They “argue” on rational grounds.
In the essay you will need to defend a philosophical view and critique an opposing view. In writing the essay, imagine yourself in the position of a defender of a particular philosophical view. You will not be asked to “believe” the philosophy in question, only defend it. Also, avoid the temptation to get too far into the fiction: do write these as serious essays: ie. keep the focus on philosophy.

That being said, the essay should have the following parts, in no particular order:
1. A clear presentation of the philosophical view you are attempting to defend
2. Supporting reasons for why this is the correct view, citing sources from the text is necessary;
3. A brief presentation of the opposing viewpoint;
4. A critique of this viewpoint.

Make sure you use citations.

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