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Assignment Questions

Diversity in the Workplace

the task here is to design a very small social science research project. the first task, is to select a question you want to answer about diversity issues in your workplace or one that you are familiar with. some ideas:
1. identification and analysis of how differences might affect workplace interaction.
2. gender issues that exist in the workplace management or work place interaction.
3. differences that may exist that appear to threaten workplace productivity, confuse workplace communications, and/or enhance workplace productivity and/or communications.
4. leadership styles and how one or another might be more useful in a diverse workplace.

you can select one of the above, all of the above, or any combination of the above in creating your survey and data collection activites. these activites can include any or all of the following research methods: interviews,surveys,participant observation activites. once you have gathered your data, write a 8 page paper that:
1. introduces the issue, the organization youre looking at and the method you chose to collect your data(include reasons for selecting this method)
2. specifically details how you conducted your research(e.g rationale behind survey questions, how you picked your sample, what your starting hypotheses were, reaction to your project by co-workers, etc.)
3. provides an analysis of your data.
4. provides a conclusion section in which you discuss the implications of your findings and how they might be useful to improve your workplace or for some other purpose.

Source: Diversity in Organizations: New Perspectives for a Changing Workplace by Martin M.Chemers

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