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Assignment Questions

Divorce and its effects on the children

Cause and effect paper on divorce and the effects it has on the children.Font 12 Times New Roman double spaced.Would like it to have 3 different effects on the children. Need 7 sources:2 internet(org,edu,gov),4 articles(print sources),1 interview(of a person relating to this subject)can be phone or by email.Would like to have a bibliography page,need to have a brief 2-3 sentence summary of each source with this page. Need a strong intro paragraph that gets the readers attention and lets them know what to expect in the paper. Want a good thesis statement at the end of the intro paragraph. Would like 3 quotes in paper.Conculsion paragraph needs to reiterate the main points and thesis. Would like the pages number accordingly…Scott1,Scott2,Scott3,Scott4.

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