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Assignment Questions

Dual-degree (BS-MD) college application essays

I will need essays for the dual-degree (BS-MD) college application.
There are 3 separate questions that need to be answered.
Write 2-page essay per each question.

Please use attached resume of this high school student as a guide in writing up this essay. You can also incorporate your own creative ideas into making a strong personal statement essay. You can research informations about these programs and universities.

1) Tell the Admissions Committee why you are applying to the joint program(s) with Drexel University College of Medicine.
Be sure to explain why you want to be a physician and more specifically why you want to obtain your medical education at Drexel University College of Medicine. Also, be sure to explain why you are pursuing an accelerated degree program. (~600 words)

2) Describe factors that influenced your decision to pursue a degree in medical profession. (~600 words)

3) Essay(s), to include a personal statement detailing your interest and experiences in the medical/health field, and also your specific interest in St. Bonaventure University and George Washington University. These topics may be included in a single essay, or in two separate essays. (~600 words)

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