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Assignment Questions

Early Childhood Education

Answerr each in 1 – 2 paragraphs:

1. Ramona is a student in your early childhood education classroom. Ramona’s grandmother, Mrs. Reymundo, doesn’t understand why you’re planning to close the program for one afternoon so that you can attend an early childhood conference in another city. Write a letter to Mrs Reymundo that explains the importance of current research and theory to your practice.

2. Your program director has just hired a new preschool teacher, Mrs Chavez. As a more experienced teacher, you’re asked to help Mrs. Chavez arrange her computer area for her students. Provide a detailed description of the props, activities and experiences that you recommend she use in her computer area, Include a description of the furniture, equipment and other supplies needed for the center; the location of the center, and an overview of the environment.

3. Imagine that you’re interviewing for a position as a preschool teacher and are speaking with the program Director. Explain the second component of the Creative Curriculum to the program director and describe how it will help you to promote children’s development and learning.

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