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Assignment Questions

Educational Technology, Research and Development

Young, A., Reiser, R., & Dick, W (1998). “Do superior teachers employ systematic instructional planning procedures? A descriptive study,” Educational Technology, Research and Development, 46:2, 65

The article review MUST be at least five full pages in length. (Title and reference pages do not count as part of the five full pages. An abstract is not necessary)
The article review MUST also conform to the following format:
• Author and title of the article written in APA style
• General summary of content (what is this article about)
• Discussion of author’s main point (why did the author write the article–what points are being made?)
• Identification of main elements of the argument (summarize the reasons the author cites to support the main argument)
• Discussion of conclusion (what does the author conclude?)
• Identification of at least two problems or strengths (could be items such as the writing style, the arguments, the sources of information, the analysis of data, the presentation, and so on.)
• Suggested fixes for the problems or discussion of the strengths for both the items noted above (What might have made the work better or stronger? What is so special about the really good aspects of the work?)
• Discuss potential effects of fixes, problems, improvements, or strengths (what results might you expect such as wider audience, better arguments, easier reading?)
• Discuss the potential effects of the article’s publication (who would most benefit from the article? What might it lead readers to do or thing?)
Students should make each bullet point a Heading in the article review to ensure the format requirement is met.

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