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Assignment Questions

Effect of Industrial Revolution on the Economy of the World

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of materials through a thorough research and critical analysis. Every student is expected ro read, understand, and carefully interpret the main issues of the research topic. Your interpretation is very important and must reflect African-European relations. Your reseasrch and paper title should be specific. You should provide necessary examples to support or strengthen your argument. Make your ideas and language very explicit and let your organization be logical. It is advisable to use the past tense in history. Check your spellings very well. You may be penalized for wrong spellings. Look at the department webpage for an acceptable format (style sheet is attached). Please follow that format as closely as possible. Your bibliography should be arranged in alphabetical order.
TOPIC: How the Industrial Revolution changed the World Economy
This is the broad topic for my paper. It is my responsibility to narrow the topic down in order that the paper will have a good focus. In your introduction, state the objective of the paper and identify the main ideas/themes you will discuss. Your introduction and the conclusion should relate to the title of the paper.
SOURCES: You should consult 5 books and not more than 2 Internet sources, which must be properly cited for verification.
LENGTH OF PAPER: 8 pages(type-written, double-spaced, font 12) Have seperate cover and bibliography pages (not numbered)
QUOTES: You are allowed not more than three direct quotes and two indirect quotes. You must indicate your sources wherever necessary.
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