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Effective Strategies to Minimize Truancies

The purpose of this project is to introduce new, effective strategies to reduce truancies at Alhambra High School located in Los Angeles county, california. I plan to follow a policy proposal model, which consist of designing a possible intervention, examining the feasibility of implementation, and collecting data to help determine the level of need and support for that intervention so that i can make a final recommendation for change to the decision makers of my organization. I would like to collect data from at least five other high schools that currently are successful at reducing truancies. Another words, what is the secret to thier success (formula)? what should we be doing at Alhambra High to reduce our truancy numbers? I entitled my paper alternative proactive truancyenforcement. I need help with Chapter 2, which is the literature review. This chapter of the research project is intended to reflect a broader knowledge of the project topic form having reviewed the professional literature. In this chapter, I will report what other researchers have written about my topic. The literature will also provide ideas of how others have accomplished similar goals. I would like to be in contact with my writer when possible. I will be faxing chapter two guidelines. A brief history, during the 2003-2004 school year (sept.-july), we experienced a high volume of truancies. Should you have any questions,please contact me at 626 893-3427. Thank You
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