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Assignment Questions

Elements of Music Harmony and Form

Write a essay, that analyze two selections (one from each list below) for harmony and form. Write approx. 2 full pages of analysis and discussion for each selection. Discuss harmony and then form, using examples from the music, in the chronological order in which they occur in the music. For the final pages of the essay, after analyzing each of the two highly different musical selections, discuss your new perceptions and creative conceptions occurring from this exploration of harmony and form. You might respond to questions such as these in this final discussion: What is the interrelationship of harmony and form in the design of a musical piece? Do harmony and form seem more alike or unlike after doing this analysis? How? Has your ‘listening experience’ changed in doing this assignment?

Please use the following music for your ESSAY #5 listening.

You will have to order or borrow CDs for this essay assignment. Please obtain your musical selections IN ADVANCE to be able to complete the essay by the deadline.

Choose one world music or jazz selection from this list:

(This music is on the CDs that accompany our text.)
• #51 Cheumutemgure
• #58 Rag Kamod
• #17 The Comet

Choose one example of 20th Century Western classical music from the following list:

(You will have to borrow or purchase the CD for this selection.)
• Symphony of Psalms, Igor Stravinsky (first movement only)
• The Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky (any titled section)
• Petrushka, Igor Stravinsky (any titled section)
• The Firebird, Igor Stravinsky (Finale)
• A New England Symphony, or New England Scenes, Charles Ives (“The Housatonic at Stockbridge”)
• Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, Bela Bartok (any one movement)
Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta, Bela Bartok (any one movement)

Please ALSO submit with ESSAY #5 a list of at least 5 key terms and definitions you have learned in your reading assignments for MODULE 5. You can choose any 5 terms found in Module 5 Chapter readings or websites for MODULE 5 . Please attach to your ESSAY #5, as an ‘addendum,’ a list of these 5 terms with definitions to indicate you understand the meaning of the terms.

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