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Assignment Questions

Empirical and Theoretical Debate of Political World Affairs

Write a paper on anything that has to do with international affairs. Nothing pre 1989, employ all levels of analysis (systemic, sub-systemic). Derive a theory of world affairs, where they are headed? Make sure to analyze something that is going on in the world affairs and theorize. So analyze an issue and theorize what will re-inforce the issue, will is react as a realist, liberalist, globalist?

I. describe the situation (bilateral or multilateral, etc.)
1 paragraph

II. ask a question, a research question

III. form a hypothesis (in this paper I will attempt to argue… theoretically……and empirically….)
2 hypothesis, 2 sentences

IV. Background – part is theoretical, abstract theoretical debate. Talk about the images (realism, liberalism)which is theoretical. Then provide background information of the relationship (history, characterstics)empiraclly.

V. Pro-Con Discussion
What the problem is…
Is it possible to overcome the problem?
How? prospect for overcoming the problem (i.e. working together perhaps?)
reaffirm the hypothesis or refute it
integrate levels of analysis:
systemic (international, global) and sub-systemic (leader issue, border issue, natural resource issue, ethnic issue?)

I was thinking of talking about US and Russia relations post cold war. US emerged as hegemonic power after the cold war due to russia having domestic problems. Perhaps one of hypothesis could be – Can Russia emerge as a super power again?

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