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Assignment Questions

Encountering Jesus a debate on Christology

Summarise all major key points in each chapter and give a breif explanation on each, (i.e. what you thought, like/dislike, or believe). There are 5 chapters total, so each chpater should be about a page or so. You do not have to include the critiques or the response in the chpater summaries.
****I would prefer someone who is religous and believes in God and Jesus, so I could see the aspects in which they view the topics and how they differ from my views.

***Book: Ecountering Jesus a debate on Christology
by:Stephen T. Davis, John B. Cobb, John Hick, Rebbeca D. Pentz, James M. Robinson, John K. Roth and Michael Wyschogrod
*(There are many authors becuase each took part in writing the book)

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