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Assignment Questions

English Writing Composition

1. Compare and contrast the steps in the writing process, detailing each one. Describe how writing an essay would be compromised if any of the steps were omitted.
2. Describe and explain how references sources should be evaluated. What four questions should be asked when evaluating an article or a book. What information can be garnered from the answer to these questions?
3. List the five prewriting methods and discuss how each one can improve the generation of thoughts and ideas for a selected topic.
4. Consider the following topic sentence of a paragraph: The weather seems to have a mind of its own. Would it be easy or difficult for the writer to develop a paragraph around that sentence? Explain your answer.
5. Describe and explain how the organization of a carefully crafted thesis statement builds an essay’s framework. What are some of the problems that can be seen in the body of an essay if the thesis statement is not well crafted?
6. Your assignment was to write a paragraph on your favorite meal. Your rough draft is returned, with the following comment: “…good topic sentence, but your support is weak.” Explain how you would use the suggestions/techniques in your textbook to improve the effectiveness of your supporting details.
7. Explain how the fundamental rule for subject-verb agreement is compromised by the four “problems in subject-verb agreement,” discussed in your textbook.
8. Discuss the significance of the effective writing characteristic–coherence, explaining why it is referred to as the “mortar” of a paragraph. Also describe the two writing tools that can be used to assure coherence exists in the paragraph.
9. Explain the importance of the technique of descriptive writing and how it can be achieved, using the tools described in your textbook: sense impressions, spatial order, and dominant impression.
10. The writing topic assignment was a paragraph describing your morning routine, prior to arriving at school. Your draft is returned, with the following comment: “good content, but too many unnecessary verb shifts.” Explain the process you would use to analyze your paragraph and the revisions you would make to correct the verb shifts.

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