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Assignment Questions

Eriksons eight stages of development and Vladimir Putin

Paper topic: Using Erikson’s eight stages of development, present a personality profile of Vladimir Putin. Relate personality variables to their behavior/performance in office and include a brief critique of their leadership:

1. All papers should begin with a clear statement of purpose. i.e “The purpose of this paper is…”

2. Citations MUST be included at the end of the paper.

3. Bibliography MUST be included at the end of the paper.

Please Note: The paper must have at least 8 different sources. Books and Journal Articles will count individually. All newspapers will count as one (1) source. All non-academic periodical articles (Times, Newsweek, Economist, etc) will count as one (1) source. All Internet resources (www.afghan.com, etc) will count as one (1) source. It is highly encouraged that you use books and the library’s electronic resources to get scholarly articles (choose PEER-REVIEWED or REFEREED when searching). Below is the web page to various E-Journal Databases.
***Failure to have at least 8 different sources will result in lower grades. The more sources, the better!!! Please use proper citations. Refer to MLA format.

Here you will find “Quick Links” to the following excellent resources:
CQ Library
Expanded Academic ASAP
Lexis-Nexis Universe
Web of Science
World Cat

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