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Essay on being a certified public accountant

This paper is for my management class. It needs to be about a career or profession in which I am interested in pursuing. And since I am an accounting major, being a certified public accountant is my goal. I need to write about why I chose this career area and what I hope to accomplish by doing this research. Also I need to include 4 management principles; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling and how they relate to this.
For the research itself, including any graphs and charts is good. Researching salaries of CPA, job outlook, competition among graduating students,& different requirements to become a CPA. Also graduate schools for accounting majors in the Northeast, New England area. Any other information relevant to this career.
Currently I live in NH but hope to transfer somewhere in new england, when I graduate. But need to take into consideration salaries and requirements to become a CPA.
So I need to take all the researched information and write on how I am going to execute the management principles at the same time.
Also, is it possible to have “voice” in the paper so it is not so dry, maybe some sarcastic under-tones so it can keep the readers attention.
Thank you so much!

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