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Assignment Questions

Essay on Career Goal

Three-page paper about career goals, addressing:
• Class-career and professional development

o What your long-term goals are, and what short-term goals you set to help you reach the long-term goals

Long term goals– creating success in my job, climbing the corporate ladder, getting married within the next 5 years, buying or building a home, purchasing a new car.

Short term goals– graduating, getting a new position at work with my degree, higher pay
o Why you selected these goals
o How you will improve your skills and experiences to reach these goals
o How this class helped you prepare for these goals

Being understanding and sensitive to different points of view and cultural backgrounds is extremely important when interacting with others in any setting
The importance of proper etiquette
Helped point out my skills of interest (likes and dislikes), career goals, understand my unique talents, applying knowledge to my career plan which is in the home health industry, beyond supply and demand-looking at the job market in reality of the economy, Managing conflict constructively

The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font, with 1” margins

This paper needs to be in your own words, express and elaborate on what is given in the directions.

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