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Assignment Questions

Essay on Celiac Disease

PROBLEM BASED LEARNING (PBL) ??” This can be handed in at anytime during
this course. It is advised that it be worked on throughout the course. Students are
expected to research for information and answer the questions rather than just
with the materials supplied.
Project Aim
To understand the affects of Celiac (Coeliac) Disease on nutrition
Learning Outcomes
1. Understanding how many structures and pathways that are involved in this disease
2. Understand the process of digestion and the affects of Celiac
3. Understand how the problem of nutrition affects the person
4. Understanding the affects of Celiac
5. Identify possible symptoms and outcomes of this condition
Problem Definition
You are asked to give a report on Celiac Disease to the Hypothetical Celiac United
Campaign. They would like you to inform them on the possible aetiology, and
pathogenesis as well as sequalae to this condition. You must also include an overview
of digestion and nutrition in order for them to understand the affect of Celiac on both of
these. Also, researching the latest therapeutic and treatment measures.
Team Structure and Mode of Interaction
You have some choices regarding your team structure.
Your team may consist of you, your tutor and a nutritionist.
If you are unable to involve a nutritionist in your project you may use one other person
such as a friend in the role of the nutritionist, providing they can help you consider all of
the points, or you may use your tutor in the role of a nutritionist.
*You must contact your tutor at least two times via phone, fax or email during the
project, before attempting to commence the final submission. Your first point of contact
must include a list of the points you will discuss in your article. You should be mindful of
the fact that the nutritionist is an expert and that experts that charge by the hour, so
questions you put should be meaningful, designed to contribute toward achieving the
stated project aim, and above all, should not be repetitive. Contact should be concise
and time efficient.
You may ask for guidance, assistance or simply report on your progress. You may
request more frequent assistance if necessary, within reason. It is not your tutor’s role
to solve the problem.
Discussion Questions
What can you find out about the digestive system and nutrition?
What can you learn about Celiac Disease?
What can you see from tracking the effects of this condition?
What are some possible diseases could occur from this condition?
What are some possible treatments for this condition?

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