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Assignment Questions

Essay on Cerebral palsy

Type of Paper: A nonfiction or fiction transition plan for a cerebralpalsy high school student entering college or supported employment. If the student is entering supported employment, it has to be in the State of New York for reason of the topic transportation. Also, let?s name the student John Smith.

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Very Important Stuff: (1) When appropriate, refer the topics below to organizations/ agencies such as VESID, OMRDD, or others that pertain to people classified with cerebral palsy and the topics. (2) Do not mix up the organizations/agencies. (3) Transportation is a critical area that needs to be accurate when pertaining to the student?s situation. (4) 2 of the 6 references have to be online sources. (5) If I am charged for a title page, please just send me the name of the title, and I will type the title page. (6) Please include a reference page at the end.

Outline: (1) Definition of cerebral palsy, (2) Causes of cerebral palsy, (3) Characteristics of cerebral palsy, (4) Primary Classifications of cerebral palsy, (5) John?s Diagnosis, (6) John?s Post-Secondary Outcome, (7) John?s Residential Needs, (8) John?s Financial Income, (9) John?s Recreation/Leisure, (10) John?s Medical Needs, (11) John?s Social/Sexual Needs, (12) John?s Transportation, (13) John?s Advocacy/Legal Needs, (14) John?s Personal/Home/Money Management (15) Summary

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