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Essay on cesarean sections

a look at the ethics of good business vs. gender inequality in health care. Looking at doctor visits, cost of procedures, cost of insurance, and how gender effects dollars spent on research
Some considerations to socioeconomic status, race, gender and sexuality should be included.
Some of the following can be included but not necessary.
Despite a number of private insurance companies and government-sponsored health care programs, roughly 17 percent of the people in the nation were not covered. Out of the 47 million Americans are without health insurance, about 8.7 million are children. Questions posed are, do insurance premiums just offer a service at a fair price or have costs skyrocketed for profit? Insurance premium are often higher for women as are the cost of services in most states (gender rating). Is this a fair price for the needs covered or are they being unfairly targeted? Are there other examples of certain populations or types of patients that are targeted? Is it unethical or just good business when companies refuse to cover maternity benefits and denying coverage because of past domestic violence or previous cesarean sections? Should women be penalized because their bodies work differently and need ongoing prevention care? Costs vary by hospital or birthing center, but the average bill for a vaginal birth with no complications is about $7,500 and for a cesarean section, $13,200. Does this justify an insurance provider saying that they will cut out your maternity coverage if the female patient does not undergo sterilization? These are just the start of the questions rolling around in my head.
Research Paper: This is a formal academic paper completed in APA format with citations and a list of cited references. You must cite at least (8) sources, five must be academically acceptable.
topic related to Business Ethics. The paper will describe the topic or case in some detail, identify relevant ethical issues, and highlight well-stated articulation of opinion.
The paper must demonstrate the student?s ability to analyze complex business issues within a wider context of societal and community impact, as well as an understanding of the concepts, issues and values.

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