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Essay on Changing Societies

Hi Jonathancelansmith. I’m not sure how many references will be needed to complete this assignment so, once again I will leave it up to your discretion. This assignment is for my deviance in society unit for my Bach. of Social Science degree. Many thanks.

Unit Objectives are 1. critically analyse sociological perspectives about the nature of deviance in a changing society.

2. identify the formal and informal processes by which people come to be regarded as being deviant in terms of power relations within society.

3. recognise the problems and uncertainties with are associated with people being cast as deviant

4. relate some examples of contemporary deviant behaviours to processes of personal and societal change.


The aim of this assignment is to assess critical thinking and analytical skills and to put forward an informed and convincing sociological argument in response to each question.

The task is:
to answer three questions in a sociological manner, using 700 words per question.

You will be marked on following criteria:

• ability to apply sociological perspectives and ideas to the questions
• understanding of the processes articulated in the chosen sociological perspectives
• the application of social stratification concepts
• use of your own words and not direct quotes
• in-text referencing to support your claims and a reference list for each question

How have notions of identity changed over time in relation to tattooing and body piercing?

Discuss deviance and the emerging social controls in relation to the cyber realm.

Compare and contrast Sutherland’s differential association theory with a political economy theory of your choice in order to explain white collar or organizational crime.

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