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Assignment Questions

Essay on Chhild Support

Select a piece of federal legislation from the last 30 years which addresses an issue of importance to women. I chose the child support distribution act (child support). Fully research this policy in order to answer the following questions: 1. what is the official (and non official, if applicable) name of your chosen policy? 2. how does this policy impact women? does it have a disparate impact on particular groups of women? which ones and why? 3. what was/is the legislative history of this bill/law? who sponsored this bill? why did they introduce it? how did it fare in the congressional process of becoming law (committees, etc.)? who were its major supporters and detractors? why did they hold that position? what was the ultimate outcome for the legislation? 4. what is the current status of this policy? that is, has it been removed by the supreme court or amended by congress? if not, are there any existing attempts to remove or undermine this policy?

This paper must include a work cited page and include citations in the body of the paper

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