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Assignment Questions

Essay on Child Abuse

This is supposed to be a socio-cultural report and we are to choose a socio-cultural topic like (poverty, diversity, child abuse, etc.) and write a scholarly report. The report must have a minimum of 10 references included in the report. At least 5 of the references must be from professional sources no more than 5 years old. No grammatical and typographical errors. A separate reference page must be included. The use of APA (American Psychological Association) style is suggested. The paper should be 3-5 type-written pages, excluding the reference page. I would like the topic to be about child abusewith the outline topics below to be included.

Outline of the paper:
A. Introduction of topic and overview of paper
B. Why is the topic important to contemporary families?
C. How does the topic impact the child care field?
D. Summary and conclusion
E. References

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