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Essay on Child Cutsody

This is a senior thesis written for a liberal arts degree in political science. I consider myself a decent writer and have an outline, thesis statement, and some six pages of this paper already written which the writer is free to use or reference. I have a list of sources the writer can use, I found these sources on my own but the writer is free to use other sources as well. The reason I’m requesting this service is my father just passed away, I am now taking care of the estate, working full-time, and trying to finish my degree. This paper is just not going to happen in a timely manner otherwise.

The writer could be interested or an expert in philosophy, law, child care, psychology, or just divorce and custody in general. Your mission, should you choose to accept, (Yes, that was supposed to be funny.) is to examine all sides of the issues concerning child custodyin divorce. The undisputed best option is joint-custody; however, in situations where parents my live too far away, simply cannot get along, or for some other reason joint-custody is not an option how the courts should handle the situation with the best interest of the child in mind. The court process is traumatizing for the children, but deciding which parent should receive primary custody is imperative. Consider the toll the whole ordeal takes upon the parents and upon the children. Consider the cost of lengthy court battles. After examining all aspects of the issues present, suggest how the courts could better or best proceed.

Each state has its own laws and precedent concerning divorce and child custody, Virginia should be at least one of the states used when specific examples are given, and should be a primary focus if any state is focused upon.

Again this is about the theory more than the specific laws. Laws and precedent may be used to help support the theory, but this is not simply how the law is to be interpreted.

Whoever chooses this assignment, please do your best. If the situation were different and I could finish mine in time, I would be doing my best. I’m giving plenty of time to finish the paper with the attention it needs.
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