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Assignment Questions

Essay on Child Physiology

: Assignment:

Identify five (5) scholarly (i.e., peer-reviewed/juried) journals in your field (Childpsychology, focus on the effects of single parenting on child development) and review the topics or titles of articles published in these journals over the past several months.

After selecting articles:

This option requires you to complete the following task and then respond to at least two other learners’ answers to the Option 2 discussion.
For each of the three articles you found in Study u01s3, provide a brief summary of the article addressing the following points: (Note: The format for discussing the article follows the general flow of information as presented in the Research Article Story Grammar handout.)
1. Prior to your discussion of each article, provide the complete APA 5th Edition formatted reference for the article. Provide the complete APA reference for each article at the end of your post also.
2. Briefly describe the nature of the problem, topic, issue, or question discussed in the article.
3. State whether the article is a research article, and if so, what type of study was conducted (i.e., quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods), or something other than a research article (e.g., review of the literature, presentation of a model or theory, etc.). Be sure that somewhere in your summary you provide evidence supporting your labeling of the research articles as being quantitative or qualitative, such as a description of the data collection methods, numerical/statistical findings, or examples of non-numerical data.
4. For the research articles, describe who, or what, was the source of information for the study (e.g., who were the participants) and how was data collected from this source.
5. Briefly summarize the main results, findings, conclusion, and recommendations from the article.
6. Comment briefly on why this article

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