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Assignment Questions

Essay on Chinese Literature


this is the final paper I need to hand in for my Chinese literature class “the cities and the country”.

My professor didn’t give out a topic but want us to write a specific topic about China cities and the country. As this class is more like a Chinese literature class, I don’t want the paper being discussed about the general China or its econ side.

The followings are parts of our class materials, and I want them being included in the final paper. You can focus heavily on writing the movie. And write out how you feel and how the movie related to the villages, cities and the country, in which some arguments have to be driven from the second link I gave you. You might also want to search about how China villages looked like and their characteristics that time.

1) http://www.archive.org/details/Breaking_With_Old_Ideas

the old movie “breaking with old idea”


this is the supplement for our readings.

There are many readings in this class but I can barely find the English versions.

I would give you the names see if you can find them, and even if you can’t , you still got the ideas of what readings they are and what my class is about.

i)Bian Cheng by Congwen Shen
ii)Sealed off by Eileen Chang
iii)Huizhou materials with the Zhang
Xinmin book
iv)Midnight by Mao Dun

I strongly suggest you search the contents of those readings to get ideas and included them in the paper.

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