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Essay on Chitra Divakaruni’s short story “Clothes”

Hi there, here is the prompt of this essay:

Do terms like ?Asian American Music,? ?Asian American Literature,? ?Asian American Humor,? and so on promote or challenge social segregation in U.S. society? By extension, should race and ethnicity play a role in how our class is organized? [Discuss how some of the artwork examined in class may serve to reinforce or critique segregation in U.S. society. Again, roughly 8-9 artwork references should be analyzed.]

This essay will require 8-9 examples from artwork :
1 ? Sudden Rush?s performance of ?EA?
1 ? the visual artwork of Kango Takemura
1 ? discussing monkey?s story in American Born Chinese
1 ? a poem by a member from Khmer Girls in Action
1 ? Chitra Divakaruni?s short story ?Clothes?
1 ? discussion of poems using certain themes / motifs in Russell Leong?s article Poetry Within Earshot
1 ? discussion of some trends in KPop and/or the music itself
1? jokes about Asians by the comedian Russell Peters

Before you guys take my order, please make sure that “MY ESSAY REQUIRES PARTICULAR EXAMPLES FROM SPECIFIC SOURCES”. If you guys need I can provide these sources, but I think these articles should be found on the internet. If you guys are not able to do so, please let me know, I will be happy to take my refund. Last semester, I ordered something similar but you guys didn’t use examples from the articles I included. SO this time, Please make sure before writing my order, so I don’t waste my money and you guys don’t waste your time. Thanks for understanding. And I need my order completed by this Thursday. (I put 3 days in my order) if you need more time or I have to pay more for your time reading the articles, let me know) Money is not really a problem, just make sure the my order can be completed correctly and nicely.

Thank you,

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