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Assignment Questions

Essay on Chris McCandless

This is a research paper that was assigned due to the reading of Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer. Only 4, I repeat, only 4 of the 8 sources may be from the internet; the rest must be from physical books, newspapers, etc., old school style.

The thesis must be something along the lines of what causes people such as Chris McCandless in Into the Wild to live the lives they do, pursue the things they do, and just do the things they do. This research paper should explain what it is that drives these people to live like this. Please clearly indicate what the thesis is.

I need an MLA format works cited page.

I indicated that this paper must be written at the 12th grade level, although, this is an advanced composition course, so we are expected to write at a slight notch above the average 12th grade student. So please take that into consideration, but don’t write this paper that would indicate its clearly at the 1st year college level.

Also, I would like the rough draft to be emailed along with the final, I would greatly appreciate it.

I would also like to know ASAP if, in the hypothetical situation, this essay was submitted to turnitin.com, or a small portion was cited word-for-word, what would happen? email me asap with an answer to this please….

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