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Assignment Questions

Essay on “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by GAbriel Garcia MArquez

Write an essay about the theme of injustice and mortality in the book “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by GAbriel Garcia MArquez.

Thesis Statement : The people of the town become consumed by their interest and disgust about the breech of morality that they fail to see the value and importance of one man’s life.

You MUST use all 8 quotes from the book that will be faxed to you as evidence from the book in regards to the towns poor judgement.

The brothers told their plans all over town to anyone hoping some one would stop them. They were forced to commit the crime. The people in town ignored the warnings. Over all the town sat back and watched the death take place. They gathered around Santiago’s home to watch the event. No one cared if he lost his life. Santiago walks into death not knowing the reason. His guilt not concretely established. Towns people admit an error in judgement. Why would a town fixated with morality and religion stand by and watch amurder be committed?

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