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Assignment Questions

Essay on Cinematograhy

I will attach the directions again in word Doc since some photos cannot be seen on here.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 of your final must be double-spaced.
PART 1 of 2: Short Answers (3Pages)
Please respond to all the following questions in as many words as necessary to answer the question completely. You are not graded on length, but on the accuracy and thoroughness of your response.
1 – What are the attributes of a Condenser Microphone? (Film Lecture Notes will be provided)
2 – How does a Waveform monitor and Vectorscope help when lighting a Blue/Green screen? (Film Lecture Notes will be provided)
3 – Look at the “Zolly” shot when the two characters are seated at the table from the movie “Goodfellas.” What emotional impact does the scene have for you? Is the DOLLY moving IN while the LENS is zooming OUT, or is the DOLLY moving BACK while the LENS is zooming IN? Please explain.
Movie Clip will be in the emailed in an Attachment (50 sec clip)
4 – Look at the end montage sequence from “Ally McBeal”. There are seven scenes (refer to pages 3 and 4, “Ally McBeal Scenes”). Pick three scenes and discuss the cinematography (camera movement, focus, colors, lighting, depth of field, composition, lenses, etc.).
Movie Clip will be in the emailed in an Attachment (2min clip)

PART 2 of 2: Essay
Write a (4 page) essay about the cinematography in a film (Public Enemies 2009.) It DOES NOT have to be a film shot digitally. (Public Enemie Article will provided as a supplment and also outside article (web, book, magian, etc. can be used too)

Apart from Google, the following magazines may help in your research: American Society of Cinematographers – ASC
International Cinematographers Guild Magazine – ICG
Movie Maker
Student Filmmakers


Some pointers on the essay:?
– Write a little background on the cinematographer
– Include a short synopsis of the film?
– Did you like the film or not? Why??
– Did the visuals enhance the story? Why and how?
– Pick a shot or two and go into some detail about the visual approach using the expanded vocabulary you acquired in the course.

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