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Assignment Questions

Essay on Clara Barton

You can use Clara Barton or Florence Nightingale as the focus of the paper. Here is the description of what it has to be:

The purpose of this writing assignment is to help you find your voice. Of the 5 types of common writing assignments this letter is a descriptive essay. Although we do not live in the age of the hand written letter, we all write emails.
In this assignment you will write a letter or an email to a best friend or colleague describing something new you have learned about a historical nursing figure or a modern nurse who changed or advanced nursing practice in some unique way. Read Part 1 in Being Wrong (Chapters 1 & 2). Think about how the nurse you are describing went against the grain of nursing as it was practiced prior to the nurse?s innovation. What might the nurse have identified as being ?wrong? with the model of care as it existed that lead to the innovation? [note: if it is a historical nursing figure you are describing you may have to use your imaginative, creative thought to figure out what the nurse might have been thinking was wrong at the time. That?s ok ? just make a case for your identification of the ?wrong-ness?.]
The letter should be 2-3 pages long (double spaced), begin with the usual Dear ____ salutation; describe the nurse you have selected, what was ?wrong? at the time; what he or she has contributed; how this nurse’s contribution inspires or influences you and what it has done for patient care. Please include two references. Use the articles or websites in this module to find a nurse to write about if you do not have one in mind.
APA format is required
A. Introduction: clear, succinct explanation of the purpose of the letter.
a. Introduce the topic of your letter
b. Discuss the importance of the topic to you
c. State clearly the purpose of the letter including what was ?wrong? that lead to the change.
B. Body of the Letter: include five paragraphs that will describe 5 facts related to the nurse you have chosen
a. Discuss 5 reasons this nurse matters in the body of your letter. Utilize the two journal articles or professional web sites selected from your literature search.
b. Professional journals should be utilized for the literature referenced.
c. Context of your letter: Discuss what this nurse has contributed to our profession.
d. Why is this nurse of concern for nursing practice and/or healthcare delivery?
C. Conclusions: Summarize the facts
a. No new information should be included in this section
D. Use 2 current, peer reviewed articles. Current is considered literature published within the past five years.
E. This paper should be no more than 2 to 3 pages in length, approximately 7 paragraphs.
F. Refer to the Writer?s Checklist to double check your work before handing it in.

the book she is referring to (being wrong) is this (however I do not know if it is necessary to read it)
Schulz, K. (2010). Being Wrong: Adventures in the margin of error. Harper Collins: NY ISBN: 978-0-06-117604-3

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