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Assignment Questions

Essay on classroom observation (math class)

Topic: classroom observation (math class)

Note: Setting:middle school,7th or 8th grade, 20 students in the math classheterogenerous grouping

Note:You should answer the following questions.
1.What does the teacher understand about the mathematics?
2.What evdience is there that the teacher has a long-term mathematical agenda?
3. What does the teacher understand about the development of children?s ideas in this lesson? (Are the objectives clearly stated? What types of objectives were in evidence? What strategies used? What approach used?)
4. How does the teacher work with the sense the children are making?
5. What are instances of productive ways in which the teacher works with students? confusions?
6. How does the teacher show that she understands that students? ideas development over time?
7. How does the teacher appear to adjust her teaching on the basis of the mathematical ideas that she hears from students?
8. What evidence is there that the teacher is setting the tone for students to see each other as resources for mathematical thinking?
9. What intervention does the teacher make to ensure that students? engagement has a focus on mathematical ideas?

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