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Essay on Prostitution

This paper is about a historical research paper. I’m focuse to write about 19th century prostitution. I don’t have thesis statement so you have to make thesis statement relate to 19th century prostitution. For an example, Child Prostitution. On this paper, It is very important to do more than simply report information about your topic. The object of this assignment is to use research to make your own original argument about the topic. For an example, you have to read some articles or issues related to the child prostitution in 19th century. And through out the issues, you have to make your original arguments on research issues that provided in 19th century’s child prostitution.
-I will send some my previous essays so you can read it and try to write smilar to my previous essay. Because i do not want professor to recongize big different between previous ones. It has to be a similar writting style.
-I will send some informations about how to work on this essay which it provided from the class. And example essay which it also provided from the class. So it is very esay to follow how to write an essay.
-I will send my two essays that i already graded in this class so you can get some concept of writting style.
-The minimus number of quatations are 8. You have to use several books and internet sources to get sources. Also use footnotes.
-Also you have to provide cover letter for this essay.
-It is very important that you have to make your original arguments based on historical issues in 19th century’s prostitution.
-Also can you send me both essay draft and revision because i need it from my class.
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