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Assignment Questions

Essay on the Play Trifles by Susan Glaspell

?Trifles? by Susan Glaspell

For essay 3, your drama essay, you will need to find two secondary sources. You’ll find these in our library’s databases. They should be literary criticism and based directly on the play you have chosen to analyze. Submit your works cited page (the two sources you will use for your essay 3 plus the play itself) in MLA documentation style.

Short Writing: Research Process Step #2
For your drama essay, you’ll need write a thesis statement that includes the writer’s name, title of the play, the 3-4 literary elements you will use to analyze the play, and the theme of the play.

Essay 3 ? Drama/Research Essay 5-6 pages

Write an analysis of the theme of one of the play ?Trifles? by Susan Glaspell, using 3-4 essential elements of the play to discuss it (see list below). Some elements that you might consider: foreshadowing, soliloquy, stage business, unities, conflict, symbols, style, tone, setting, irony, imagistic language, the type or mode of drama/play, characters, deus ex machina, tragic recognition/flaw, epiphany, experimental nature, realism, etc. Not everyone will choose to discuss the same elements as it varies depending on which play you choose. You MUST use two or three outside sources from our library?s electronic database. Try JSTOR, Literature Online, or Gale Virtual Reference Library. Use only our library?s databases. Avoid Wikipedia, ask.com, blogs, study guides of any kind, or any other open sources. Depending on which play you choose, you may cite it differently. Please ask if you do not know how to correctly cite your play in MLA documentation.

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