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Assignment Questions

Essay Questions on US Foreign Policy

Please select ONE QUESTION as the essay from the 8 questions listed below:

1. How important is soft power in US foreign policy? Has this changed after the events of 9/11?

2. How effective is diplomacy as a US foreign policy instrument in the absence of the threat or actual use of force?

3. Critically assess the importance of nationalism in US foreign policy.

4. How great an impact do US foreign policy requirements have on its domestic policies? Discuss with reference to economic and security issues.

5. How compatible are the political and economic interests of the US? Has this changed following the events of 9/11?

6. Critically assess the impact of public opinion on US foreign policy. Has its impact increased or decreased following the Cold War?

7. What is the impact of globalization on American foreign policy? Discuss with respect to security and economic issues.

8. How much of an impact on US foreign policy does the president have? Do the views and interests of particular presidents matter, or are presidents constrained by Congress and the bureaucracy?

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