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Assignment Questions

Essay Questions on Visual Communication

For Writergrrl101

4 Essay questions to answer, you should refer to the book:
Visual Culture: The Reader. Edited by Jessica Evans and Stuart Hall. New York: Sage

Excellent answers are those which use examples to illustrate the information from the article and also offer critical analysis of the author’s work.

4 questions are :

1. According to Victor Burgin’s rendition of photography, how
do photography and text relate to one another?

2. What does Roland Barthes mean by ” a civilization of
writing” and how does it relate to “a civilization of the
image” based on his work Rhetoric of the Image?

3. Please explain how aesthetic and instrumental attitudes
toward photography are described by Susan Sontag.

4. What is the position of photography within the hierarchy
of legitimacies according to Pierre Bourdieu?

Because I think Writergrrl101 knows the book “visual culture: the reader” very well, so I ask him/her to help.


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