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Assignment Questions

Essays About Public Space

Start by definition of public spaces in the world of Architecture/urbandesign, then discuss a time line of history of public space and how the meaning of public space has changed over time.
Compare Esfahan (a city in Iran) and Paris in the content of public space (ex: culture, history), with a more focus on Esfahan.
Compare Naghshe Jahan square (in Esfahan/Iran) with Louis Square (in Paris) and how these public spaces have had an effective role in the city which has changed its usage with the progression of time but still has kept its importance ( with a more focus and details about Naghshe Jahan square).for Paris you can use any sources .use my sources (will send 3) for Naghsh jahan/Esfahan. You may also use any additional sources that you can find.
Explain all the different sections in the square in Iran (use the source) For example Ali Qapu (political), Shah mosque (religious) ,Bazaar (commercial), Lotfollah mosque (educational) and compare it to Louis square.
Explain how and why these places were built in the city at that time.
Explain all of the activities that happened in both squares and how that has changed with time.
Discuss and compare the dimension of these spaces.

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