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Assignment Questions

Estimating core temperature in infants and children after cardiac surgery

Name of article: Estimating core temperature in infants and children after cardiac surgery: a comparison of six methods, Fiona J. C. Maxton, Linda Justin RN & Donna Gillies.
The following questions must be answered:
1. What is the research question? If it is not explicitly written, but is implicit in the article, suggest null and alternative hypotheses.
2. List the variables used in the study and identify each of them as either independent or dependent variables. Also describe the level or scale of measurement of each of them.
3. List ALL the statistical analyses performed in the study, descriptive and inferential. What is the purpose of each of the analysis you listed?
4.Describe the sample used in the study. Was the sample a good representation of the population that they were making inferences towards?
5. List the findings in the study and report on their level of significance.
6. What changes to the methodology, if any, could make this study stronger? (Support your answer)
Need to reference the article used.

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