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Assignment Questions

Evaluating Gilman’s essay

For this case assignment, you will write a three page essay that evaluates the essay “The Yellow Wall-Paper. A Story.” For the case assignment you have the option to decide how best to evaluate Gilman’s essay. Consider what you have learned so far.

Assignment: Write a three page double-spaced essay.

Describe the essay
Explain how you intend to evaluate the essay
What have others said about Gilman and/or the essay
Consider multiple audiences: those who may feel sympathy for the main character and those who may not

Write a three page essay using Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-Paper. A Story”
Include an introduction that describes the essay and how you might evaluate it
Include a conclusion that ends with your final evaluation of the essay and your reasons for your evaluation
Consider what others have said about the essay
Include quotes to support your evaluation
Cite any outside sources
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