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Assignment Questions

Evaluating Program

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This is a final research paper for a masters degree course in public health- Evaluating Program Outcomes and Impacts that presents a plan for a program and program impact evaluation.
This paper should 1-identify and describe a- smoking cessation intervention program b- provide a logic model with a well developed outcome line c- propose and defend measures for the key outcomes d- propose an impact design to assess program effects on those outcomes with attention to the rationale for selecting that particular design and e- describe how that design would be implemented within the practical constraints associated with the program.
Tha program evaluation to be used is a comparison evaluation with an equivalent control group ( random control trial).

The paper should include the following outline:

I- Program description ( a-setting: Costa Rica universal health system,program done in a group of primary care clinics, goverment funded b- service: smoking cessation program for 12 weeks c- target population: adult population of geographic area assigned to those specific clinics d- intended outcomes: smoking cessation at 6 months and 1 year after program e- logic model : comparison with equivalent group or random control trial , comparison group will be adult smokers patients of other group of clinics where program intervention is not in place)

II- Evaluation plan
a- outcomes to be assessed ( smoking cessation at 6 months and one year post program vrs control group, less acute myocardial infarctions, less prevalence of chronicobstructive pulmonary disease at 5 yrs post intervention)
b- measures- indicators for each outcome ( not just a list, the benefits of each measurement done has to be explained)
c- Impact design
d-Procedures for implementing design and collecting data ( which patients get randomly assigned , how you do this)
e-strengths, limitations and vulnerabilities of design ( the goal is to critique the intervention program plan and evaluation; strengths, limitations and vulnerabilities, what problems could potentially arise)

The paper has to be 10 pages long with at least 6 refernces. I will email the site and password to access the references. Thank you.

The sources for this paper are at the following website:


username: institute
password: participant

The primary readings for section I Identifying, Conceptualizing , Measuring…., section II A Randomized Field Experiments and Section III Design Sensitivity and Effect size are the most important.

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