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Assignment Questions

Examination of the Walt Disney Company

I have choose: The Walt Disney Company

examine from the variety of perspectives. Most specifically, these include PLOC, Planning, Leading, Organizing and Controlling. You will examine the company you select utilizing a variety of research sources: business publications, the company?s own external and internal communications, the mass media, etc.


Examine the critical issues defined in the Introduction above (PLOC) and how they might apply to each.

2. Consider your selected company in terms of:

* Mission, values and ethics

* Organization structure and culture

* Leadership style

* Personnel and motivational style

* Overall measurements of success for this company

3. Respond to the following questions:

a. What seem to be the most important things leading to the success of this company?

b. From the research you conduct, what are the major strengths of the company from the point of view of the employees, customers and others?

c. From your research, what are the most important ways in which managing (planning, leading, organizing, controlling) has contributed to this company?s success?

d. What do you see as the major challenges facing this company over the next five years?

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