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Assignment Questions

Exciting Characters

You know many different and exciting characters. Much as in The Canterbury Tales, some of these characters are representative of a certain class or ?type.? This is a creative writing assignment so be creative and have fun with it. Your assignment is to write a contemporary piece about the someone you know in the same form that Chaucer uses.

That is: A) Give this person a title (example: The Miller, The Wife of King?s Point, The Dude from North Woodmere who hangs out at on the 7-11 on Peninsula Blvd, YCQ grad who hangs out at the Donut shop on 108th Street, etc.) DO NOT USE ONE OF THE ABOVE THEY ARE JUST EXAMPLES

B) Write a description of this person and their surroundings (A prologue, like Chaucer!)

C) Write a story that they would tell ? A TALE!!!! In their voice (they are speaking)!!!!!

You exciting characters. Much The Canterbury Tales, characters representative a class ?type.? This a creative writing assignment creative fun . Your assignment write a contemporary piece form Chaucer
Do not mention Cantebury tales and make sure the prologue is descriptive and
Creates the character-immigrant with broken English
The story should be from the immigrants eyes and entertaining to the
Reader should be about 4 pages and descriptive and in the immigrants

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